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Lotus Creek

The Lotus Creek Wind Farm development is located approximately about 20 kilometers West of St Lawrence, in Central Queensland.

The land around Lotus Creek has farmed cattle for generations. The Lotus Creek Wind Farm represents an opportunity for a new economic activity in the region that is complementary to cattle farming. The project proposes to produce clean and low cost electricity using the consistent winds in the nearby ranges, whilst allowing cattle farming to continue for future generations .

An Ambitious Target

Vestas is proud to, through the Lotus Creek Wind Farm project, support the Queensland Government in achieving its target of 70% renewable energy by 2032.

Excellent Wind Resource

Vestas has identified Lotus Creek for its strong wind resource. We are using a range of innovative instrumentation and data analysis techniques to model the wind characteristics at site.

Central Queensland REZ

What is a Renewable Energy Zone (REZ)

Renewable Energy Zones (REZs) are modern-day power stations. They combine renewable energy generation such as wind and solar, storage such as batteries, and high-voltage poles and wires to deliver energy to the homes, businesses and industries that need it. By connecting multiple generators and storage in the same location, REZs Capitalize on economies of scale to deliver cheap, reliable and clean electricity for QLD.

Central Queensland Renewable Energy Zone

The Lotus Creek Wind Farm is located within the Central Queensland Renewable Energy Zone.

The Central Queensland Renewable Energy Zone (QREZ) region is currently the energy powerhouse of Queensland with long-term hydrogen potential and existing energy-intensive industries which are looking to switch to renewable energy supply.

What are the benefits of Renewable Energy Zones?

The Renewable Energy Zones are expected to deliver multiple benefits for QLD, including:

  • more reliable energy from significant amounts of new energy supply
  • energy bill savings from reduced wholesale electricity costs
  • emissions reduction from a cleaner energy sector
  • community partnership from strategic planning and best practice engagement and benefit sharing. possibly include a link to the REZ fact sheet at https://yoursayhpw.engagementhq.com/understand-qrez